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Stand Apart & Sell Faster

FORCE Panels are the ultimate solution for builders and contractors who want to stand apart from the competition. FORCE Panels significantly reduce installation time (by about 2/3 a typical framing schedule - structures are framed in days instead of weeks), jobsite waste (again about 2/3 less framing waste), and post-construction callbacks. When you build with FORCE Panels, you can offer a better greener product to your customers. Stronger. Straighter. Greener.

Stronger: FORCE Panels are significantly stronger than dimensional stick frame construction. The product strength offers many benefits, including a roof system that eliminates the need for a truss system (imagine reducing your framing schedule by removing the labor and installation time for truss construction!).

Straighter: Large, strong panels arrive to your job-site pre-fabricated per floor plans, saving days and possibly weeks of installation time. These panels are engineered and predictable, unlike stick frame construction. These consistent panels enable you to build straight roofs, walls and floors. Your sub-contractors will love you (flooring, windows, doors, millwork, drywall), the straight walls will save them hours of installation, and the straight wall will also significantly reduce drywall cracking and lower the amount of post-construction call backs you receive.

Greener: It's the biggest trend out there. Everyone wants to be environmentally responsible, but few lumber products can truly say they are good for the environment. Made from fast growing trees and 100% recyclable EPS foam, FORCE Panels create structures that regularly have up to 60% reduction in utility bills Stand Apart & Sell Faster.

Customers are changing. They are demanding innovation, customization and they want products that are good for the environment.  Builders and contractors are searching for ways to offer this innovation without rocking the boat...and the bottom line.

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